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Where do I start? I have a 2001 VW Golf TDI and a 1968 Chevelle SS396. Of course, the Chevy is the muscle car and the Golf is the daily cruiser. That was all true until I spoke with Chris at Kerma. I was looking into getting a new set of injectors because my car has 286000 trouble free miles, and the injectors were original. It was time to do some maintenance. Chris told me about the 150HP kit and also let me know that DMF flywheels and the... Read more

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  • Jun 05, 2014
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I ordered a turbo from this company to receive it with a dented actuator. When I called to complain they said they will either send a new one or I can keep it and they will give me 25$ store credit. Seeing as I paid over 1,000$ for it and waited an extra week for a shipping label they said they would send (but never did.) I requested that they overnight a new, nondented turbo since they never sent the label and wasted my time and money by...

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Had a failed turbo actuator in my 2005 VW GOLF TDI. Paul at Kerma pointed me in the right direction to troubleshoot my car and pin point the problem. It ended up being a faulty turbo actuator on my stock borg warner kp39. I ended up upgrading my turbo to an s7 and got all my parts and goodies through Paul. Not only was he prompt. He was incredibly friendly and answered all of the questions I had and more. I won't ever hesitate to deal with Kerma... Read more

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Fixed my VW Passat immobilizer problem through The solution was to send my ECU out to have the immobilizer delete programmed. The problem was completely fixed and faster than I could have imagined. The best part is that now I am able to add or replace my keys without frustrating, expensive interactions with a dealer. I don't have to bother with programming for new keys, they just need to be cut correctly to work. Paul answered... Read more

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installed bosio pp520 injectors,Q loader tune, & SB clutch. Should have done this upgrade years ago to my 02 TDI.Believe Paul & Co. when they say even a mild tune will warrant a clutch upgrade.Car easily climbs hills in 5th gear now (used 3rd gear before tune)Great Job--advice & service is on the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Very Pleased.Have used other TDI specialists in the past,but these guys really excel--great advice,2nd to none.And did... Read more

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I installed the Bosio 1019 injectors a while back and I have been messing with the fuel and settled on what I thought was a faster car. Paul at KermaTDI told me about the Q-Loader and when I installed the program which by the way took all of ten minutes....the car was...well let's just say I was WRONG!!! It wasn't fast before, but IT IS NOW!!!. It is a BLAST to drive!!! I absolutely can not believe the difference. Very little smoke except for... Read more

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I just bought an 2003 Jetta TDI and Kerma was not only the supplier of the performance parts(Q loader, Cam shaft, Turbo, and Clutch to name a few) but also advised me on the build. Customer service is something you don't find with companies these days.. With Kerma TDI I found that and more. My car gained 50+ horsepower and I was getting 50 plus miles per gallon at 67 mph. With Kermas help and their products I have an amazing performing... Read more

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I have been dealing with Kerma TDI for about 7 years. I have been buying most of my parts from them because of the quality of the parts and the customer service unlike anyone i have dealt with. I have cars I have to keep on the road and they have helped me through any concerns and have assisted me with any problems I have run into. I have bought turbos, clutches, nozzles, tuning, suspensions, sway bars, brakes, exhaust, skid plates, oil, and... Read more

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I have nothing but great experiances with KermaTDI.After talking with Paul over the phone and explaining to him about my plans with my car etc he talked me into an S7 turbo that Borg warner just put out and a Qloader.I cant believe the difference in my car!!Im still getting around 46 mpg on the highway and it pulls the hills with no hesitation.I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to upgrade their car or even just buy routine maintenance... Read more

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